Retired Signal Soldiers Association (RSSA)
Post Office Box 72236
Fort Bragg, North Carolina 28307
Constitution & By-Laws
We retired U.S. Army Signal Soldiers do hereby unite to organize as an
association of retired signal soldiers. The purposes for which we organize are as
1. To provide a social and recreational forum for retired comrades-in-arms.
2. To contribute to the welfare of our community through charitable activities as
resources become available.
3. To establish a scholarship program for children and grandchildren of members
and children of active duty signal soldiers.
Article I – Organizational Characteristics
Section 1. This association will be known as the Retired Signal Soldiers
Association; hereinafter referred to as RSSA.
Section 2. The address of RSSA is P.O. Box 72236, Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Section 3. RSSA will be a non-profit, tax-exempt organization under the provision
of US Code 501 (c) (19) and operated exclusively for the purposes beneficial to the
interests of the membership, their family members, and the signal soldier
community at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
Section 4. Any and all authority exercised by elected RSSA officers is established
in this document or as may be granted by referendum of the membership.
Section 5. Elected officers and the appointed members of committee will serve
without compensation.
Section 6. In the event of final dissolution of the Association, after the resolution
of liabilities and obligations, the remaining assets will be distributed to a charitable
non-profit organization(s) for use in Cumberland County, North Carolina.
Article II-Membership
Section 1. Membership in RSSA is voluntary and open to any active, reserve or
National Guard servicemember in a Signal, communications or information
systems career field who is currently serving or has served honorable in any branch
of Armed Forces of the United States. Since all candidates for Regular and
Associate membership must be retired, separated or active duty servicemembers,
and since the Department of Defense does not discriminate its membership
requirements by race, color, sex, religion, or national organ, it therefore follows
that this organization automatically meets that membership criteria. Additional,
the RSSA will not discriminate for or against a prospective member for reasons of
age or physical disability. Candidates recommended for membership not meeting
the above qualifications will be referred to the Association’s Board of Trustees for
approval. All candidates for membership must be voted upon by quorum of the
membership and receive 51% or greater vote of approval.
Section 2. There are five categories of membership: Regular Members,
Associated Members, Honorary Members, Lifetime Members and Exempt
Subsection (a) Regular Membership. A prospective candidate for Regular
Membership must meet at least one of the requirements of Article II Section 1.
Subsection (b) Associate Membership. A prospective candidate for Associate
Membership must meet at least one of the requirements in Article II, Section 1. and
voted on during a general membership meeting. An affirmative vote of 51% of
members present is required for validation of a new member.
Subsection (c) Honorary Membership. Any regular member may recommend any
individual for honorary membership. Recommendations must be made in writing
and submitted to the President. The President will present the nominee to the
Association’s Board of Trustees for consideration. The results of the Board of
Trustees action will be announced during a general membership meeting and voted
on. An affirmative of 51% of members present is required for validation.
Subsection (d) Exempt Membership. Any member that achieves the age of eighty
(80) plus, is exempt from paying membership dues.
Subsection (e) Lifetime Membership. The following method will be used for
computing life membership dues. To determine the amount, it would cost a
member to become a life member you subtract their current age from 80 (age at
which no more dues are required) and then multiply that number by the current
dues cost, then multiply that amount by 80% to obtain the amount a life
membership would cost. The following example is presented for a member who is
65 years old:
80-65=15 X $15.00=$225.00 X 80%= $180.00 to become a life
Section 3. Termination of membership from RSSA may result from any of the
following: resignation by the member concerned; nonpayment of membership
dues; or a by vote of the general membership in open session.
Section 4. To retain status as an active member, a member must pay his or her
dues every year with a one-year grace period. After the second year without
paying dues, the member shall be placed on the inactive member roster for five (5)
years. During that five (5) year period the member must pay $30.00 for
reinstatement in good standing. If a member is not reinstated within these five (5)
years, he or she shall be dropped from the inactive roster and considered a former
member. If a former member elects to rejoin the Association, he or she shall be
treated as a new member and be assessed $15.00 to regain active member status.
NOTE: For death recognition, flowers sh
ll be sent to active members only.
Benevolence cards shall be sent to all active and inactive members.
Article III – Dues
Section 1. Dues must be paid in full NLT the last day of December of each new
calendar year. Payment of the coming year’s dues will be accepted by the treasurer
beginning with the Annual RSSA Picnic. Members failing to pay dues during the
allotted period will be dropped from the membership rolls IAW Article II, Section
4 of the RSSA Constitution and By-Laws.
Section 2. Honorary members are exempt from paying dues.
Article IV – Officers
Section 1. Elected officers of the Association are: President, Vice President,
Secretary, Treasurer and Board of Trustees. The election of officers, except for the
Board of Trustees, will be held every two (2) years. The Board of Trustees
elections will be held annually.
Section 2. The Chaplin is designated as an appointed officer of the Association and
will be selected by the President.
Section 3. After serving a term of two (2) years as President or Vice President and
there are no new candidates for the position of President or Vice President, the
current elected officers may continue to serve upon a majority vote.
Section 4. The position of Secretary and Treasurer may be extended beyond the
two (2) years for continuity of the organization and if there are no new candidates
for the position, upon a majority vote.
Section 5. Only Regular active members of the RSSA may hold an elected office.
Section 6. The Board of Trustees will meet semiannually and audit the books and
records of the Association and at each March and September meeting, make a full
report of their findings to the Association for the previous semiannual period.
Reports will include receipts and disbursements, balance on hand and the assets
and liabilities of the Association at the end of the semiannual period. The
President will issue the call for such meeting of the Board of Trustees.
Article V – Procedure
Section 1. The general session of membership meeting will be governed from the
Chair by the President or in his/her absence, the Vice President in accordance with
Roberts Rule of Order, except as otherwise specified herein. The Chair may
suspend the general session at any time he/she deems necessary and proper.
Section 2. Meeting format: Introductory remarks to include the pledge of
allegiance and a prayer: a review of the meeting agenda; a reading of the minutes
of the previous meeting; a treasurer’s report; an introduction of guest; the conduct
of old business; and the conduct of new business.
Section 3. Regular members may move for a vote or may second such a move on
any matter under consideration in general session.
Section 4. Members may vote upon any matter brought to the floor (i.e., an issue
which has been discussed, moved, and seconded) either in person; or in the case of
a prescheduled issue, members may vote by proxy.
Section 5. Only the Treasurer may accept and tender a receipt for contributions to
the RSSA general fund. Both the Treasurer and the chairman of a Fund-Raising
Committee may accept and tender receipts for contributions to a particular RSSA
charitable program. Contributions received by the chairman of a committee will be
turned over at the earliest possible time to the Treasurer, who will maintain an
account separate from the general fund for each charitable program.
Section 6. Impeachment.
Subsection (a) Impeachment proceedings may be brought against an elected officer
for failure to uphold the constitution and by-laws of the RSSA or for misconduct
which reflects discredit on the RSSA.
Subsection (b) An impeachment proceeding can be initiated by any regular
member by means of a written allegation of malfeasance in office. Such an
allegation must be submitted to an elected RSSA officer. The allegation must fully
describe the degree and circumstances of the malfeasance of the accused
officer. Upon receipt of the allegation, the receiving officer must notify the other
elected officers, to include the accused. At the first opportunity, but not later than
one month from the date of notification, the President or Vice President will
convene a special board consisting of all available past and present RSSA officers
to examine the validity of the charge(s). The accused will, at that time, be afforded
the opportunity to offer any and all matters in his/her defense and/or in mitigation.
If circumstances warrant, an investigator(s) will be appointed to interview persons
and substantiate related information. The investigator(s) will report findings in
writing to the special board. Each elected officer, including the accused officer,
will receive a full and complete copy of the findings. The special board will then
meet to determine whether the allegation should be brought before the general
membership for impeachment action. If the allegations are judged to be without
basis, either at the initial meeting of the board or upon report of the investigator(s),
the board will dismiss the allegation and deliver a report of its actions, decision and
rational to the general membership at the next scheduled general membership
meeting. Should the board determine that the allegations have merit, impeachment
proceedings will be held during the next scheduled meeting of general
Subsection (c) During the impeachment proceedings, the accused officer will be
afforded an opportunity to offer evidence, facts and matters in defense and
mitigation. Impeachment will require a 75% vote of a quorum of the membership.
Should the general membership find the allegation(s) to be without merit, the Chair
will dismiss the charges. If the general membership sustains the allegation(s), the
accused official will be turned out of the office at that point. An interim election to
fill the vacated office, until the next scheduled election.
Subsection (d) At any point in the impeachment process the accused officer may
resign from his/her elected office. Such action by the accused will stop the
impeachment process.
Subsection (e) An officer removed from office through impeachment action or who
resigns his/her office reverts to regular member status.
Article VI - Liability
No Individual member will become liable to the RSSA for any monetary amount
other than annual dues. Exceptions to this provision may apply in cases of
misrepresentation by a member.
Article VII – Committees
The President, in consultation with the elected officers and selected individual
members, will appoint a By-Laws Committee and members to standing and special
committees as the need for such committees arise. As circumstances require, the
President may, in consultation with the elected officers, add, delete or change
member(s) of any committee.
Article VIII – Meetings
Section 1. General membership meetings will be held bimonthly at a time and
place to be determined by the RSSA President in consultation with the elected
Section 2. The elected officers and chairman of selected committees will meet
as required at the call of the RSSA President, at a time and place designated by
Section 3. The RSSA will not hold a meeting unless a quorum of the membership
is present. A quorum will consist of not less than two thirds of members in good
standings and must include either the President or the Vice President, the Secretary
and the Treasurer.
Section 4. Time, place and date of the next meeting will be announced at the close
of each meeting. Members will also receive a second notification by email, postal
mail or telephone.
Article IX – Miscellaneous
Section 1. These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members
present and voting at a general membership meeting held subsequent to the general
membership meeting at which a resolution is provided in writing. Such proposed
amendment shall be read to the membership at the initial meeting and then given to
the members in writing at least three days prior to the second meeting.
Section 2. Procedure and debates will be in accordance with the Constitution and
By-laws of the Association, the Board of Trustees and the Rules of Parliamentary
Law known as “Roberts Rules of Order.”
Section 3. Definition of terms:
The term “Chair” as used in this document refers to the RSSA official conducting
the meeting. The Chair may either be the President or the Vice President.
Unless otherwise stated the term “member” used herein will apply equally to all
five categories of members.
A “member is (sic) in good standing” is any member whose dues are current paid
in full.
Amendment Log Sheet
Article II, Section 2
July 11, 2009
President Willie Ingram
Article III, Section 1
July 11, 2009
President Willie Ingram
Article IV, Sections 1, 2, 3, & 4
May 10, 2014
President Roger L. Trotter
Article II, Section 4
November 12, 2016
President William “Bill” Bell
Secretary Ezra “Mike” Somerville
Article IV, Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
March 11, 2017
President William “Bill” Bell
Secretary Ezra “Mike” Somerville
Article II, Section 1
May 13, 2017
President William “Bill” Bell
Secretary Ezra “Mike” Somerville
Article IX
May 13, 2017
President William “Bill” Bell
Secretary Ezra “Mike” Somerville
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