Retired Signal Soldiers Association (RSSA)
Post Office Box 72236
Fort Bragg, North Carolina 28307

Retired Signal Soldiers Association

Fort Bragg, North Carolina Chapter


Organized, May 11, 2002



To provide professional and social interaction for Retired Signal Soldiers.

To establish social and recreational outlets.

To provide for common interest and promote the general welfare of all members and their families.

To establish programs for charitable fund raising to support scholarship awards and other social programs to benefit our community.

We unite to form the Retired Signal Soldiers Association, Fort Bragg Chapter.



Section 1.        The association shall be known as the Retired Signal Soldiers Association, Fort Bragg Chapter.

Section 2.        The address for the association and office of record or mailing address shall be: _________________________________________________________________.

Section 3.        The association will be a non-profit, tax-exempt organization under US Code 501 (c) (3), operated exclusively for purposes beneficial to the interests of Retired Signal Soldiers both Officers and enlisted members, their family members and community at large.

Section 4.        The powers of the association are: first, executive, which are prescribed in its charter, by the Constitution, and North Carolina regulations for the performance of the Association’s purposes under the control of the President and other elected Officers. Second, legislative, which includes rules and all matters pertaining to Association internal affairs that are not in violation of the Constitution or By-Laws and general membership; Third, judicial, which embraces the exercise of discipline over Association members.

Section 5.        All officers of the Association (Board of Governors) shall serve without compensation from Association funds.

Section 6.        In the event of final dissolution or liquidation of the Association, and after the discharge of all its liabilities, the remaining assets of the Association, will be in accordance with a majority vote of the general membership upon approval of a vote of two-thirds of the elected officers serving at that time.


Section 1.        Any Retired Soldier, Officer or Enlisted of any Branch may upon application to and approval by the elected Officers become affiliated with the Association. Such affiliation is for the purpose of cooperation in the furtherance of the objectives stated in the preamble hereto. Any such affiliation may be cancelled by unilateral action of either party involved.

Section 2.        Any Retired Soldier affiliated with the association may attend General membership and meetings of the elected Officers and submit items for consideration at either forum.


Section1.         Subject to the provisions hereto, membership shall be composed of:

(a)  Any Retired Signal Soldier, Officer or Enlisted.

(b)  Any Retired Soldier, Officer or Enlisted of any Branch.

(c)  There shall be no discrimination in membership or participation in the affairs of the Association by reason of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, handicap or age.

Section 2.        Members – Those persons who have paid the prescribed monthly donation or annual dues. As of this date, monthly donation or dues are: ____________.

Section 3.        Members are entitled to vote upon any manner submitted to the membership for vote or to the Elected Officers when under consideration by that body.

Section 4.        Membership fees and dues are collected at each meeting. Amount of fees are determined by the Elected Officers and the Membership of the Association upon an approved vote by the membership to change from the current amount. Currently monthly donation or annual dues amount is ________________. Fees and dues may be increased or reduced based on Association needs and general membership vote.

Section 5.        Termination of membership in the Association shall be upon (1) registration of member, (2) non-payment of membership fees or (3) by the Elected Officers if it is determined that a member has engaged in conduct which violates the Constitution or By-Laws of the Association or engaged in conduct which violates or thwarts the objectives of or is injurious to the Association. The Elected Officers may not terminate a member for such reason without first providing the member with notice of the charges and a full hearing before the membership.

Section 6.        Voting: Each active member present in person or by proxy shall be entitled to one vote on each matter of business brought before a meeting of members.

Section 7.        Mail Ballot: If the board of Governors determines that any item of business requires prompt action by the membership, such item of business may be submitted to the membership for action by mail ballot.

Section 8.        Parliamentary Procedure: All usual rules of order contained in “ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER”. Except as otherwise provided herein, shall govern all meetings of the Association. The Elected Official conducting meetings will be guided by this provision.

Section 9.        Impeachment Procedures: May be initiated against any elected official of the Association for participating in activities, which are criminal in nature, for failure to uphold the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association, and for personal misconduct, which may bring discredit to the Association.

(a)  Preliminary Procedures: To start an impeachment proceeding, a written justification of the complaint must be presented to an Elected Official. The justification must fully describe all circumstances of the complaint. Upon receipt of the written justification, the body of Elected Officials will notify the accused official of the action and begin a preliminary investigation, which will include questioning all persons having any connection with the complaint. If this investigation uncovers facts, which in the opinion of the Elected Officials warrants further action, the Elected Officials will notify the accused of their opinion. At this time the accused officer will cease all activities with the elected group but may continue to attend all meetings. The Elected Body will prepare a preliminary report of their findings and then select an unbiased member of the Association, to conduct a formal and detailed investigation.

(b)  Impeachment Proceedings: The appointed investigating official upon conclusion of his investigation will, prepare a written report which includes all evidence gathered by them to include written testimony of all derogatory information or favorable information to clear the official.     Copies will be provided to the accused (at least 14 days before any meeting or hearing), Elected Officials and presented to the general membership in the presence of the accused if necessary. The accused will be given the opportunity to answer any and all questions at the Board meeting or with the general membership present when necessary. Written statements may be given by the accused in membership session or at a Board meeting, upon completion of all presented evidence by the investigator and the accused official a vote will be taken by the membership or Elected Officials as required. Impeachment of any official will require a two-thirds majority of the voting members present at any meeting; Impeachment of any official shall further prohibit that official from participating in any Association activities but will not necessarily affect his family members.


Section 1.        No one of the membership shall become liable to the Association or any other entity for any amount other than yearly fees and dues. Exception to this provision is when any Officer of the Association or members misrepresents the association, against the express wishes of an approved mandate to accomplish a particular project or item, in violation of these By-Laws or the Constitution of the Association.


Section 1.        The Elected Officers/Officials (Board of Governors) shall consist of the following: President, Vice President, 1st Secretary, 2nd Secretary, 3rd Secretary, and Treasurer. The president may appoint standing and special committees as deemed appropriate to the Board of Governors for the best interest of the association. 



(a)  Office of the President:                Term of office _________year(s).

(b)  Office of the Vice-President:        Term of office _________ year(s)

(c)  Office of the 1st Secretary:           Term of office _________ year(s)

(d)  Office of the 2nd  Secretary:         Term of office _________ year(s)

(e)  Office of the 3rd  Secretary:         Term of office _________ year(s)

(f)   Office of the Treasurer:                Term of office _________ year(s)

Section 2.        Committees, Presidential Appointments/Volunteers (Considered Members of the Board of Governors):

(a)  Scholarship:

(b)  Fund Raising

(c)  Chaplain


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